Vascular Access Centers

The Vascular Access Centers are dedicated to caring and maintaining your dialysis access. Patients on dialysis understand the importance of blood to be easily taken from an access point. At local Vascular Access Centers, interventional nephrologists perform outpatient procedures to protect and increase access performance. The ideal hemodialysis access is an artery to vein shunt that delivers high blood flow, easy cannulation.

Most fistula failures or graft failures are caused by a narrowing of the blood vessel. If we catch the problem in time, we may be able to keep the access open and working longer.

Reasons to be checked

Below are a few reasons you should have your access checked.

  • Poor blood flow (a measure of the adequacy of a dialysis treatment)
  • Poor KT/V
  • Difficulty cannulating
  • High venous pressures
  • Excessive bleeding after dialysis
  • Failure of a fistula to mature
  • Decrease access blood flow by indirect measurements

For Patients

Tarrant Vascular Access Center - Fort Worth

500 Lipscomb Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76104
Phone: 1.817.870.26161.817.870.2616
Fax: 1.817.870.2628

Tarrant Vascular Access Center - Arlington

203A West Randol Mill Road
Arlington, Texas 76011
Phone: 1.817.872.03811.817.872.0381
Fax: 1.817.872.0382